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A little about me...

It's always very hard to write the first post, especially when I want people to actually join and enjoy my communities.

My need here is for somewhere nice and calm & peaceful, without all the bickering and fighting and 'my trad is holier than yours' that has gone on in the communities I've been in in the past.

I want to feel like it's perfectly okay for me to do what I am doing, cutting my own path when it comes to my beliefs. There's a reason I call myself an ecclectic wiccan and not a pagan, and that's because the base of my beliefs rests on common wiccan tennents. It's not meant to be an insult to your pure Gardnerian heritage. It's meant to respect my right to, for the first time in my life, find the theology that's right for me. And I have found that the one that is right for me is the one of my own making.

I am a solitary witch who lives with a solitary guy. He cares less for labels than I do. I like having an identity, he likes to just say 'I'm me, deal with it!'. It works for both of us. We don't share the same beliefs, but we share the same rituals, and we share our love. It works for us.

I love herbs and healing. Nothing makes me happier than healing people with pure energy, although I find that very tiring. These days I tend towards giving people timely advice and the recipe for my cure-all tisane. I find grinding herbs with pestle and mortar very soothing. It's a nice, aromatic, physical way to work my magicks.

I'm not always peace, love and happiness. I have found that in life the easiest way to please everyone else is to please yourself first. When you're happy making everyone else smile is that much easier.
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